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The Best Laid Plans of Cats and Men

September 10, 2018
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As I sat watching the Arizona Wildcats Football team meltdown in Houston this weekend my first reaction (after I was able to uncurl from the fetal position) was anger.  What the heck were these guys doing to me? Didn't they know they were ruining my weekend?  But then I got to thinking how bad those poor kids must feel.  After all it's not me practicing all week in the Tucson heat just to travel to the somewhat worse Houston heat only to be annihilated on national TV.  All I did was wake up, make a cup of coffee, make sure my thermostat was set to 77, plunk down on my couch.and turn on the TV.

I am sure as the coaches and players worked and planned, this wasn't the outcome they had in mind.  Which brings me to my point.  No matter how carefully we plan, things happen.  Life doesn't necessarily follow our script or even play fair.  September is National Life Insurance Awareness Month.  Reviewing your current coverage and/or taking a look at new coverage to help meet your needs may be a great idea.  Because no matter how much time you have put into the rest of your financial plan if something happens and you don't have the proper insurance in place, well....Houston, we have a problem!

Let's go Cats.  Time to bear down!

Waddell & Reed is not affiliated with the Arizona Wildcats.  09/18